She is still small and she does not know much English yet. She knows English letters but sometimes she is confused with Russian letters since some of them look as English ones but pronounced differently. As you can understand, she cannot read in English yet.

A couple of days ago she went to a skating rink for a first time in her life. And she was very excited about that.

Then the funny thing happened. All of a sudden when she was on the ice she saw a Tim Hortons advertising of the board. She could not read what was written there. But she recognized what it was and said to mom “Mom, it is Tim Hortons”.

This is power of a strong brand. Had Tim Hortons brand managers heard a small child recognizing their brand, they would be proud of their work.


Someone asked my daughter what her name was. And she said that her name was Elizabeth. That person told her that her name is the same as the name of the Queen.

She immediately replied: “Yes, I know that. But I was born as a regular girl”.

Baby Talk

October 16, 2008

I started this series to capture what my little daughter sometimes say. She is only four now and the only time when she does not talk is when she sleeps. Every now and then she surprises us with priceless thoughts.

She talks mostly in Russian. I know that even the best translation cannot be as good as the original. But I will try to translate her as close as I can and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.