Welcome to my blog. Although I am not a professional writer, I will do my best to make the time that you spend reading this blog interesting and enjoyable.

I live with my wife and three kids (all daughters) in Canada, in Thornhill, a community in Greater Toronto Area. One of my daughters recently started her studies in Western University in London, Ontario.

This blog is about my journey in life, about countries where I lived, places that I visited, schools I that attended, interesting events that happened along the way. Until this point in time I lived in three countries, learned in three Universities (one in each country where I lived), survived two immigrations. I will mostly write about current events and new experiences, rather than about the past unless these memories from the past are somehow related to what is happening now.

I was born in a country that does not exist any more. The USSR. It still was USSR when I left it in the beginning of summer 1991. Since then that huge powerful country disappeared and became a group of independent countries that are hardly trying to build a capitalism and a market economy  but did not know how to do that. They thought that Independence will solve all their problems.

I had been living in Israel for 8 years before coming to Canada. That was my first immigration. It was a hard experience for me. I needed to overcome a lot of barriers on my way. One of the biggest was a huge cultural difference between Eastern Europe (Ukraine, where I lived before) to Middle East (Israel, where I was). You have to change yourself and accept the culture. If you can do it you will enjoy your life there. I feel like home when I visit Israel now  (I did not have this feeling when I visited Kiev in 1999, after living in Israel for eight years). Another problem was the language. I did not know much Hebrew when I came to Israel. I learned it and I learned to write from right to left.

I always liked learning. This is probably the reason why I am studying my whole life (right now I am studying towards my third university degree). The first school that I attended was a Radio-Physics Department in Kiev State University. The next one was the Department of Electrical And Computer Engineering in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. But last year I decided that it was time to come back to school. This time I am taking MBA at Schulich School of Business in York University. I would love to study full time, but I have to support my family. That’s why I continue working and study part-time. I have already finished one third of the program. So two more years and I am done with my studies (at least for now).

In my spare time (actually I don’t have too much) I like to spend time with family, meet with friends. I also like fishing. I cannot sacrifice the time that I can be with my family and go fishing a couple of times a week like some of my fishermen buddies do. But this summer I could find some time to go fishing a couple of times and I was really happy about it.

This is just a brief introduction about me and you could learn more about me from this blog. I will try to do it interesting.

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