Someone asked my daughter what her name was. And she said that her name was Elizabeth. That person told her that her name is the same as the name of the Queen.

She immediately replied: “Yes, I know that. But I was born as a regular girl”.


Baby Talk

October 16, 2008

I started this series to capture what my little daughter sometimes say. She is only four now and the only time when she does not talk is when she sleeps. Every now and then she surprises us with priceless thoughts.

She talks mostly in Russian. I know that even the best translation cannot be as good as the original. But I will try to translate her as close as I can and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

In his blog Steve Olson wrote a great post “Leaders Wanted – Please Apply Within” about leadership. He did not rant about the speech that he heard on the radio. He wrote his speech, the speech that he thinks the leader should deliver in the current economic situation.

First of all, as a leader, you should acknowledge mistakes. And you should not blame someone else. Don’t say that “the problem was created” or “wrong assumptions have been made” since these things did not just happen. We live in a real world and ghosts or aliens did not cause these problems. And by the way there are no ghosts or aliens (someone could probably argue that). Real people and their irresponsible actions caused these problems. That’s why it is much better say that “We created the problem”, “We made wrong assumptions”, etc. We and not somebody else will fix it.

Show that you are a leader. Show that you are not lost and don’t know what to do. Show that you have a plan of fixing the problem. Engage the best advisors that you can afford. Create a road map from the crisis.

Motivate your people. Encourage them. Because they believe you. Because they trust you. Because they support you. Tell them how great they are. Tell them that you believe in them. Tell them that you believe that they can make this happen.

Actually, you don’t have to be head of state or a CEO of a big multinational corporation to deliver such speech. In the same way you can speak to your development team that must meet a tough deadline or to football team that desperately want to make to playoffs.

And this is what real leaders should do: acknowledge, motivate, lead.