Blue Jays 2008 Season is Over

September 29, 2008

Yes, it is over and once again they did not make post season this year. As many other Blue Jays I was excited to see the team starting the season. As many others I hoped that this was THE season for the Jays. And they had a chance. It was obvious that Yankees were not as strong contenders as they usually were. Nobody has ever taken Tampa Bay Rays seriously. And nobody could expect that the standings in AL East in the end of the season would be as they were. If before this season Jays and their fans only worried about Red Sox and Yankees in their group, now they will have to worry about one more team.

When we summarize the season we only want to remember positive things that happened during the year. At the same time there was couple of things that we wish did not happen such as trading Reed Johnson and several injuries of key players.

On the positive side, releasing Frank Tomas (with all due respect to the guy) showed that the team wanted to win. No doubt he is a great player. But his previous success did not contribute in any way to the team this year. It was not easy for the general manager to release such player as Frank. This decision showed a strong leadership of the management. It showed that you could only be a part of this team if you can contribute to it now. Your previous success cannot hit the ball out of the part, you should do that.

Another great thing was signing Cito Gaston. And it showed so far how big the impact of bringing him back is. We all could see how team improved after his return. Unfortunately it was a bit late. I would not say impossible, but it was very hard to compete for post season at that point. And in the end they signed him for 2 year extension.

Looking forward to a new season we all hope that the team will be healthy and will make the post season.

Let’s Go Jays!!!

P.S. We need a leader for Toronto Maple Leafs as well. Do you think Leafs could negotiate with Cito Gaston to work with the team before baseball season starts? Just kidding….


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