First Impression of Using WordPress

September 23, 2008

How long did it take you to create your first blog? Minutes? Hours? Days?

I decided to host my blog on are trying to help you create a blog in just several clicks. They redirect you to the page with some of the required information already pre-filled for you. But is the rest of the registration process easy, fast, convenient, straightforward? I don’t think so. At that point several things can go not as smoothly as you would expect.

It took me too long to start blogging. Aside from the common procrastination, it took me long time decide about the blog name, blog platform, blog provider, etc., etc. But when I started actually doing that I found several obstacles on the way.

The first thing that I found was that there was no place on the WordPress site to check if the certain name is available. Does such thing exist? The only way that I found was to type <name-i-want-for-may-blog> in the browser address bar. If name was already used by someone else, that page was loaded. Is there any better way to check the name?

And here was another frustration. I found that there was a huge number of dormant blogs created long time ago and never used. You could see that these blogs just had several standard pages generated when blogs were created. I believe that most of the people who created these blogs just abandoned them. However you cannot use these names for your blogs. That is the downside of a free service. When people pay for the service, when they need to renew their registration, they are much more responsible. But it is free to create a blog, you don’t have to pay for account along the way (unless you want extra features). So why would or why should you care?

When you finally find the blog name that you like, that reflect what you want to talk about, that is not already taken, when you fill all fields in the first registration page, when you enter your password twice, you are forwarded to the next page. And when you get there you can see a new surprise. The name that you selected for your account name is not available. Some usernames are already used by other bloggers, some other are reserved by My question is why when the user enter all information on the first page he is not notified that the username is not available? Why he is notified about that only on the next step and has to return to a first page.

To make a long story short it took a lot of time to register this blog. After that everything was pretty smooth and straightforward. My blog was up and running and all I needed was select the design, select categories and start writing.

The risk for the service provider ( in this case) is that at some point of this registration process a potential customer (me in this case) could give up and look for other blogging service provider. This is the first thing that a new user experiences on this site. This initial experience could be much better if there was a easier way to find the available name for the blog and the username. I think that this is the area where can improve and this will have a positive effect on the number of their subscribers.


One Response to “First Impression of Using WordPress”

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